4 ways to develop creative thinking skills

Some people can generate new ideas quickly, whereas others lack the creativity. Creativity is very important to succeed in life. Here are some ways a person can develop their creative thinking skills.



You should jot down all the ideas that come to your mind without thinking. You don’t need to think whether the ideas are rational or irrational, relevant or irrelevant. All you need to do is just write down whatever comes to your mind. Group brainstorming is effective. But you must follow some rules. You must allow everybody to speak and value each idea equally. You shouldn’t criticize anyone’s idea.

Let your right brain do the work

There have been lots of research works regarding how the two sides of the brain work. The left side of the brain is concerned with logic and order; whereas, the right side focuses on the creative aspects. You can do some physical activities that let your right brain work more. One way to do this is by drawing or making something in three dimensions. You can use post-it notes, balloons, or anything you can think of to do this.

Mind mapping

This process uses words that are joined with arrows or lines. This way you can represent huge information in a compact manner. This can be used in planning presentations or for taking notes during a meeting. The mapping starts with a word at the center; then it gets connected to different ideas through branches.

Rich pictures

This is just the visual form of mind mapping. In this process, you use pictures instead of words. Researchers suggest that your thinking becomes more focused when you use pictures.

These techniques may seem weird in the beginning, but these are very effective and have been tested for years. So, apply these techniques to improve your creative thinking ability.