5 effective teaching practices that schools must follow

When new teachers are hired in a school, they go through training where the trainer tells them about the rules and regulations of the school and what books the teachers must follow. But more than the rules, it is important to practice good teaching style. Here are the best teaching practices that every teacher must follow.

Clarifying a new topic


Before starting any new chapter of the book, the teacher must tell the purpose of reading the chapter and what goals the students must achieve. It’s necessary to tell the students what the outcome will look like.

Encourage discussion in the classroom


Teachers should facilitate class discussions. This way student can learn from their classmates. This also helps to clarify areas that the student failed to understand. The teachers can also assess whether the students have understood what has been discussed or not.

Provide feedback


Teachers need to provide constant feedback to the students to tell them how they are doing. The teacher must also give feedback on the collective effort of students. Feedback must be a two-way process. The students must also provide feedback to the teachers on how they are learning.

Continuous assessment


It is important to assess the students throughout the learning period to know where they stand regarding learning. So, teachers should evaluate students to let them know their progress.

Self-learning practices

Students must be given a chance to plan, organize and monitor their work. They should steer their learning forward.

Teachers should understand learning from the student’s point of view. These effective teaching practices just discussed will improve the learning experience of students.