5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Ute

Utes are utility vehicles or small trucks meant to be used for different transportation purposes. They provide an excellent option especially when relocating to a different place, or need to transport an appliance or items for your garden. These utility vehicles are available in various sizes and types, which is the reason why you should only hire one capable of handling the particular task at hand. Hiring a ute doesn’t have to be a complicated process. All you have to do is identify firms offering the service, then choose the right vehicle for the job. Some of the things and factors to consider when hiring a Ute include:

Volume of the load to be transported

As mentioned earlier, Utes come in various forms and sizes.  You should therefore choose a truck based on the size or volume of load to be transported. If planning to move large and delicate appliances alongside clunky furniture, you should then consider hiring a sizeable truck that can accommodate both.

Truck size and power

The size of the vehicle is another factor to consider before picking one. Going for too big a truck, or a small one for that matter will not only be inconveniencing but also cost you more in the long run. The engine power is also a factor to consider especially if moving heavy appliances or need to do some off-roading. It would however be safer to hire a reasonably powered Ute capable of transporting your items without straining the engine. You could also consider moving the items in a few trips to make it easier for the truck as well if it’s underpowered for the load.

Truck Rental Rates

With the requirements and specific at hand, you can then start shopping for the right vehicle for the venture.  You can find companies offering such services online, or ask friends and family to help you locate a few. Identify at least 4 potential firms offering such services, then request a quote for the same based on the truck specifics. Use the quotes to determine the base rate and how much you will be willing to spend on the same.

Chauffeured or self-driven

Decide whether to hire a chauffeured Ute or wish to drive it yourself. Some companies will provide a chauffeured truck at the same base rate, while others will require you to pay the drive for the service. Check with the potential car hire firm to see if they do provide chauffeured services, and what the rates are. You can however save a few bucks should you choose to drive the truck yourself.


The type of insurance policy subscribed for the truck is another issue or factor to consider when hiring a vehicle. To be on the safe side, only go for companies that buy a comprehensive cover for their vehicles. The insurance policy should include the items being transported, the driver, and third-parties on the least.  You do not want to hire a truck without comprehensive cover as this will be increasing liability.

You also need to quote how long you need the truck before signing any document. You could hire the truck for a few hours, a day, or even a week depending on your needs. You however shouldn’t fall for cheap rental companies with numerous hidden charges.