About Us

Welcome to MacLeay Bookshop online! We are the warm and fuzzy, tea-time, and rainy weather companion you’ve been looking for. We are a blog site that specifically shares content, ideas, tips, and book recommendations regarding your home and garden. Anything from safety to how to fix a tap are part of our daily conversations.

MacLeay Bookshop is a magazine with a quaint, old century feel and is situated in Australia. Our physical and online bookshops carry the newest releases as well as many of the old classics. Our variety is immense and our service fantastic. We have been around as a bookshop for more than 50 years. Our blog is a bit newer and we look forward to sharing all of our books and insights with you.

Anyone who loves books and reading will find themselves lost in all the wonderful articles we share here. You will discover unexpected treasures and learn a lot from our writers and our readers. We have wonderful readers who are verbal and interactive. Our community is amazing and many discussions regarding literature have become heated arguments.

If you are looking for an escape, you have found it. MacLeay Bookshop will give you hours of interesting things to read and do. Grab a cup of coffee and your favorite cookies and dig in.