Different Ways To Use Limestone Retaining Walls in Your Garden

Limestone Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are crucial elements of your landscape design. They not only provide soil control and privacy, but they act as noise barriers and visual enhancements for gardens.

When it comes to building limestone retaining walls, you have a lot of options at your disposal. In this read, we are going to list a number of ideas that you can use as a stepping stone to showcase your personality in your yard through retaining wall choices.

We spoke to the experts at Skilled Fencing and got some tips, here are several ways you can use retaining walls in your garden:

Contemporary Style Design

If your property employs a modern theme, then you may want your retaining walls to reflect the same. You can utilize a palate similar to your house with mild variations of tones from gravel and plant hues in order to create a sleek and electric limestone retaining wall structure around your property.

Courtyard Designs

Limestone retaining structures can be constructed in a style that creates a garden around your home. You can create rough edges on the walls in a manner that leaves open sections for growing foliage and your favorite types of plants.

Flowerbed Support Design

If you are looking for a way to support the flowerbed, then limestone retaining walls with a low height can enable you to create an ideal space for that, while giving the whole garden a seamless and clean look.

Multi-textural Drama Style

You can also build limestone retaining walls in multiple textures if you want something that raises the character of your property. A multi-textural design balances well against the complex look of your garden and brings it to life.

Curved Retaining Walls

Curved limestone retaining walls design is one of the most popular because it leaves usable space in the garden. So, if you have a small lot and need to hold the soil while using the area for other things, curved design is the answer. Another benefit of curved retaining walls is that you can create distinct designs, which is usually not the case with straight designs. This design also adds appeal to your garden.

Beveled Retaining Walls Design

Building a beveled retaining structure with limestone is an ideal way to add an extra dimension to your garden, all thanks to the extra depth given by the bevel design.

Bouldering Block Design

This one lends a classic appeal to any home, and it is perfect if you have a conventional outdoor fa├žade. Limestone bouldering blocks are basically large pieces of the same put together in order to merge a classic style appearance with a modern one.

Rugged Rustic Designs

If your home is country style, then a rugged, rustic looking retaining wall is perfect since the look will add value to the appearance of your outdoor living space. You can integrate the limestone wall with outdoor benches and fireplaces, and you will have created a rustic, yet cozy place for entertainment and relaxation.

As you can see, there are many ways you can use limestone retaining walls in your garden. Choose the best one and get creative to give your yard functionality and an appealing look.