Great Tips for Babyproofing Your Home for Your New Family Member

Once a baby becomes part of the family, safety is of the utmost importance. There are so many potential dangers in a house that could easily injure them. Keep your little ones safe in your home by following these babyproofing tips.

Use non-slip mats when giving baby a bath. Prevent your baby from slipping in the bath and keep his head above water.

Keep medicine out of reach. Store medicine in a cupboard or drawer where baby cannot reach. If your cabinet is low, use a locking mechanism that they cannot open.

Put gates at the top and bottom stairs. To avoid your baby to climb up the stairs and prevent potential falls, install gates at the top and bottom.

Keep toys in an open box. Store toys in a box without a lid to prevent fingers getting slammed or caught.
Cover all power outlets. There are devices you can use to prevent little fingers from power outlets. To prevent shocking, cover your power outlets.

Dog and cat food should be kept out of reach. Pet food can be a choking hazard. Your crawling and exploring baby will inevitably find the pet food and it will go straight to the mouth. Avoid choking by not leaving pet food where baby can reach.

Secure your stove. Use knob covers and appliance locks to keep baby from turning knobs and pulling the oven door open. Don’t let cloths hang off near pots and pans on the stove. Baby can pull these and bring the whole lot down on his head.

Keep cleaning chemicals out of reach. Many people store their cleaning chemicals and materials under the sink. When baby comes, you should move them to a safer spot where baby cannot reach. These chemicals can cause poisoning.

Cover sharp corners. For the first few years, baby will be the ideal height for hitting his head and eyes on table corners, furniture ends, television cabinets, etc. Cover these with bumpers and avoid unnecessary injury.

These basic babyproofing practices will keep the new addition to your family safe and allow him to play and learn without getting hurt.