Tips for Safely Storing Your Home Improvement and Gardening Books

Books are treasures and even though many people are opting for online books and tutorials, there is still some who prefer having physical books. I am one of those people. My home library is my pride and joy and I will always prefer physical books to eBooks. If you have your own book collection, I would like to share a few storage tips that will keep them in a good condition.

Store extra books in plastic bins
If you have too many books or not enough shelve space, store your books in plastic bins. The plastic protects the books from sunlight, dust, and rodents. Plastic bins are easy to store and stack, so finding your books will still be easy.

Keep your books away from excessive heat
To protect your books and prevent pages from being warped, store your books away from heat. Excessive heat can damage the binding and pages.

Store your books standing upright or lying flat
To keep the integrity and strength of your books’ bindings and keep the pages in a good condition, store them as they were designed to be stored. They should stand on the bottom side of the book with the binding and title showing to the front of the shelve. Never store books with the binding showing upwards.

Store special edition or rare books in plastic sleeves
Protect your special books from dust and insects by storing them in a plastic covering. It can still be on display. The cover just keeps out things that can damage it.

Dust your books and clean the surrounding area often.
Dust can stain and damage the pages of your books. Dust them and use a hand-vacuum to keep your books free of dust. Vacuum the carpets around your shelves often. Dust the bookshelves regularly as well.

Keep water away from your shelves and dust your books regularly. If you do these things your books will remain in good condition for you to enjoy.