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The model of education has changed over the years. Much has been discussed about the reform in education over the past years. Here is a list of some educational books there are written by some great authors.

The Roving Mind – by Isaac Asimov

In this book, the author focuses on self-directed learning. He emphasizes on creativity. The book contains 62 essays on various topics. In this book, he encourages the young generation to pursue a career in science. He believes that everyone must have freedom of thought and this is the backbone of education.

The Element– by Sir Ken Robinson

The author points out the wide scope of human creativity, but which are limited by the current system of education. The education system today tries to fit into the boxes that are predetermined, instead of allowing scope for creativity. He believes in encouraging the young people’s individual unique abilities.

The Uses of the University – by Clark Kerr

In this book, the author mentions about the origin of education and what roles in played in different cultures. The book was published based on his lectures at Harvard. In this book, he examined the role of a university in a person’s life.

Waiting for Superman: How We Can Save America’s Failing Public Schools – by Karl Weber

The book talks about the system that inhibits a student’s intellectual growth. He points out the importance of transformation of the education system. He emphasizes the need for everyone in the system to get involved in the transformation process including the students, teachers, parents, and educators.

All these books are very inspiring and must be read to understand the present condition related to education and how the system can be improved to encourage more creativity among students.