Using Limestone Retaining Walls In Your Garden

Are you thinking about adding limestone retaining walls to your garden? If you’re going to be building some retaining walls, you may want to give these ideas a try. These suggestions will allow you to use the limestone in unique and appealing ways.

Use Your Walls To Create Outdoor Living Spaces

Your retaining walls are going to be serving a practical purpose; they’ll be holding back the soil in your yard. However, you can also use that limestone to create an outdoor living space.

If you build a large living space in your yard, your retaining walls won’t stand out. They will look like a natural part of your yard. You’ll be able to get a beautiful living space and the retaining walls you need in one go.

Layer Your Walls

You don’t have to stop at building a single retaining wall. You can actually build two layered walls. You can build one level of the wall at ground level. From there, you can build another wall on top of the dirt that lies beyond the wall.

Layering your walls is a great idea if you’re going to have to cover a lot of ground. Retaining walls are more difficult to build when the walls go beyond a certain height. If you build two smaller walls, you’ll be able to handle everything on your own. If you decide to build one tall wall, you’re probably going to have to hire a professional.

Create Curved Walls

A lot of people assume that retaining walls need to be built in a straight line. However, this isn’t true at all. You can get better-looking walls if you build your walls in a curved design. Curving your walls will also allow you to use the space you have more efficiently.

If you build straight walls, you may wind up losing access to a large portion of your garden. If you curve the walls, the walls will take up less space. You’ll be able to support your soil without losing access to a lot of your garden space.

Add Some Appealing Finishing Touches

Once you’ve finished building your wall, you’re going to want to add a few finishing touches. The final touches will give your wall the kind of look that you want. You may want to use something other than limestone at the top of your wall. Combining two different types of stone can give the wall a very unique look.

You could also try adding cap blocks to the top of the wall. Any type of masonry adhesive should be able to hold the blocks in place. The blocks will provide an added layer of protection, and they’ll also improve the look of your wall.

If you’re going to be using limestone retaining walls in your garden, you’re going to want to use them well. Limestone is a beautiful stone, and it’s an ideal choice for a retaining wall. If you have to add retaining walls to your garden, make sure the walls enhance your garden in a number of ways.